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Colloid Nodular Goiter


Colloid nodular goiter is a medical condition where the thyroid gland enlarges. It is also called endemic goiter and tends to occur in certain geographic areas (places far away from the sea) that contain iodine depleted soil. This disease is commonly found in Great lakes, Midwest, and the intermountain regions called “goiter belt”. 

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The colloid nodular goiter is caused due to inadequate iodine in the diet. It is also seen to be present genetically. Females above 40 years of age with inadequate iodine in the diet for prolonged period are at risk of suffering from this disease.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient of colloid nodular goiter suffers from the following symptoms namely:-

  • The patient may suffer from thyroid swelling.
  • This swelling can be anything between a small lump to a large mass.
  • The patient may also experience breathing difficulties though rarely.
  • There may be swallowing difficulties also (rarely).
  • The veins of neck get enlarged.
  • One may feel dizziness when the arms are raised above the head.
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One must introduce iodized salt in routine use to avoid this disease.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Modern Medicine

The thyroid hormone replacement therapy is mostly prescribed by the doctor to avoid iodine deficiency. This therapy is stopped once the iodine content in the diet is increased. Those with the large goiter may or may not need surgery to remove parts or all of the increased thyroid gland. Radioactive iodine, surgery and antithyroid medication is also highly recommended if the gland produces thyroid hormone in large amount.

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