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Hypophosphatemia, as the name suggests, is a disease where the phosphate levels in the blood in lower than the normal. This is a kind of electrolyte disturbance

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Hypophosphatemia is caused by many reasons, such as starvation, vitamin D deficiency and excessive intake of alcohol. One of the main cause of this disease is the large intake of carbohydrate diet, which in turn drags off phosphate from the cells of the body. This disease is also caused due to refeeding syndrome, phosphaturia and respiratory alkalosis. Cancers of the blood, tumor induced osteomalacia, hepatic failure are some of the rarer causes of this disease

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from hypophosphatemia has the following symptoms:-

  • The patient may suffer from anemia as the red blood cells tend to get destroyed easily.
  • The patient may tend to develop a state of confusion.
  • The muscle weakness is a common symptom found in the patients of this disease.
  • Even the heart muscle tends to get affected due to the muscle weakness.
  • The white cells of the immune system of the body may also fail to function, leading to increased infections
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There is no known prevention of this disease, though dietary precaution can prevent this disease from occurring for long time

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Medications Modern Medicine

Drugs to replenish the lost phosphate from the blood of the patient are administered. These drugs may either be given by mouth or by the vein. The main cause of the disease is also treated alongside to prevent the relapsing of this disease

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