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It is a disease where the bones become soft and weak due to defect in mineralization of bone. This led to fractures even with a minimal trauma and also cause the deformities in adults. In children, it is called as Rickets.

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  • Deficiency of vitamin D is the main cause of osteomalacia.
  • Inappropriate sunlight exposure is also a leading cause as the sunlight is necessary to absorb vitamin D present in the body.
  • Defect in the absorption of nutrients from the small intestine is also an important cause.
  • Defect in renal function can also cause osteomalacia.

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Signs & Symptoms
  • Pain in the bone mainly in lower back and thighs.
  • Muscle weakness is also present which causes cramps in muscles.
  • Early fatigue of muscles.
  • Numbness or tingling might be present.
  • Occurrence of deformities due to soft and pliable bones.
  • Patient feels difficulty in climbing up stairs and even getting up from sitting position.
  • Fracture might develop due to weakening of bone because of demineralization.


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  • Patient should take adequate amount of dairy products in his diet to prevent osteomalacia.
  • Appropriate exposure to sunlight is also necessary to prevent this condition.

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Supplement Modern Medicine
  • Treatment involves intake of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus supplements to fill up the deficiency of the same.
  • If the osteomalacia is due to any secondary problem then that condition should be treated first.
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