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Rickets is the medical name given to the disease that is caused by the lack of vitamin D, phosphate or calcium. The bones become soft and weaken under this disease.

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As mentioned earlier, rickets is mainly caused due to lack of vitamin D. this lacking of vitamin D may be due to several reasons such as poor absorption from the food source. The body also absorps vitamin D from sunlight, hence staying in a place where the sunlight is poor may also lead to rickets. Working for long hours indoors during the daylight also leads to weakening of bones and rickets. Patients who have lactose intolerance or don’t drink milk products quiet often have this disease. Even pure vegetarians can suffer from rickets . dark skinned infants who are breast feed only may be prone to rickets, especially in winter season where the sunlight is less. Rickets may also be genetic in nature and in patients who have kidney or liver disorders.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from rickets has the following symptoms:-

  • The patient may develop pain in the bone and it may also appear to be tender.
  • The teeth may get deformed and there may be increased cavity.
  • The patient may experience progressive weakness.
  • The patient may experience increased bone fracture and muscle cramps.
  • The height of the patient may get affected.
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The rickets can easily be prevented by following healthy dietary regimes and by more exposure to sunlight.

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Corrective surgery Modern Medicine

The main aim of treatment is to rectify the symptoms of the patient. The doctor will suggest you natural ways of gaining vitamin D in the body, such as by diet and more exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D supplements may also be needed where required. The deformity of the bones may be looked after by putting braces on the deforming bones. Corrective surgery may also be required in most of the cases of bone deformity. 

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